MRC IEU: Data Mining Epidemiological Relationships

The “Data Mining Epidemiological Relationships” programme, led by Prof Tom Gaunt, is funded by the UK Medical Research Council as part of the MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit at the University of Bristol. We are interested in understanding the mechanisms of disease, and approach this through the integration of diverse biomedical and epidemiological data and the development of software tools for analysis of these data. One of our key developments is EpiGraphDB, a database that integrates epidemiological and biomedical data to support mechanism discovery and aid causal inference. Read more...

Recent posts

Indexing 200 billion records in 2 days

A few years ago we started collecting genome-wide association study datasets and making them available to the research community. As the data grew from tens of millions to tens of billions of rows we found a MySQL database no longer sufficient. Ben Elsworth describes how he implemented an ElasticSearch solution to the challenge of querying a really large dataset.